Meet our Founder

Our founder, Courtney is a primary school teacher who has 20 years of teaching experience. Her favourite subjects to teach are Mathematics, Art and Music. She began writing The Learning Light program after many years of tutoring kids in Numeracy. She realised that there were key mathematical skills that these children were not learning or grasping at school. Courtney loves to teach and see children experience confidence and success in all they do.

Courtney lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and 8 year old son.​

Courtney King



The Learning Light Online Mathematics Program​

Lifetime Access to The Learning Light Online Mathematics Program. (Learning Kit Included)
20 in-depth lessons to close the gap in your child’s learning – geared to ages 4-10 ( * ages may vary)

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Why Learn Through Our Online Course?

Learn to teach your child through simple yet effective techniques that are tried and tested by qualified teacher Courtney King, with two decades of experience.

  • Save time and money on lessons and tutors

    Our program will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in private tutors. Not to mention the time spent driving around from place to place.

  • Learn anywhere and anytime

    Because our course is completely online, you can learn anytime that suits you and your child. Catch up on some learning at night, on the weekend or in the school holidays. Your child will gain the confidence they need in no time!

Download the Course Guide & Roadmap and Get Started Today

Learn the program that qualified teachers use to close the gap in your child’s Maths journey.

Start Closing the Gap in Your Child's Mathematics Journey Today


Close the gap in your child’s mathematical learning. Designed for ages 4-10.


Save money on the cost of a private tutor.


Equip yourself with the strategies taught in schools today.


See your child’s confidence grow in Maths and experience success in their classroom.


This program lays a strong foundation that your child can continue to build upon.


The course is easy to use and parent-friendly.

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How It Works

Work Together to Give Your Child More Confidence and a Better Education Experience.

The course is divided into 20 key lessons that build upon each other.


You will work together with your child by watching the lesson video and then completing a game or an activity worksheet that you both will enjoy.


You and your child can work at anytime of the day and week, and you will be able to move at your child’s pace. This will give them confidence in class instead of the fear faced by many children because they haven’t grasped certain key foundational skills.


You will also be sent a Learning Light Kit, that includes games, worksheets, and all the necessary equipment that will aid  your child’s learning.

Learn On Any Device

Our Course is Available on Any Device at Any Time.

The video library is easy to navigate and listen to.


All topics covered have accompanying worksheets, equipment and games that help with the learning experience in a safer and more comfortable environment.


Individual Lessons

20 guided lessons you can work on with your child at home.


Happy Students

Hundreds of happy students over two decades – and counting..


Dollars Save

Save loads of money in private tutoring and learn at your child’s own pace.

"Having an insight into what my daughter is learning at school has been amazing. Getting to know the terminology and methods the teachers are using gives me common ground to ask the right questions. I had no idea what ‘friends of 10’ meant or why its so important. I literally had a light bulb moment alongside my daughter!"


"I knew my son was struggling at school and hated Mathematics, however, I had no idea what I could do myself at home to help him along. I felt a little lost when discussing the terms used to teach him, and I could tell it was frustrating for both of us when we sat down and tried to work on it together. I looked at a tutor, but they were quite expensive. The Learning Light program was at a reasonable price and Courtney’s ability to explain things and make them really practical for both of us was a breath of fresh air. We now get time to work together in a fun and engaging way and he is always asking me, ‘When is our next Mathematics game?’ I highly recommend this program!"


"I could not have asked for a better, more engaging and easy to use program to fill in the gaps in my daughters Maths. The basics and strategies are often not properly grasped at school in a classroom. This course fills in those gaps and creates a strong foundation, giving children the confidence to enjoy Maths and engage in learning more. What an amazing program!"


$10 From Every Sale Will Go Directly to The School of St. Jude

Who They Are:

The School of St Jude is a pioneering leader in charitable education within Africa. We provide a free, high-quality education to 1,800 students annually at our primary and secondary schools in Arusha, Tanzania.


Who They Help:

St Jude’s offers academic scholarships to students that combine academic promise with a desperately poor background and a great attitude to work.


We feed them, house them, educate them, and do everything possible to ensure our students’ wellbeing and future success.


As a result we have three campuses filled with happy and healthy children in a country where children frequently drop out of school.


St Jude’s employs nearly 290 people and has an all Tanzanian teaching staff. The school annually Injects US$5 million into the community through locally purchased products, food and services.


The Learning Light Online Mathematics Program​

Lifetime Access to The Learning Light Online Mathematics Program. (Learning Kit Included)
20 in-depth lessons to close the gap in your child’s learning – geared to ages 4-10 ( * ages may vary)


100% Money-Back Guarantee


We are always here to help. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the following: courtney@thelearninglight.com.au

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